Easy Creamy Cucumber Salad

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe My kids can’t stop eating this easy creamy cucumber salad!  Seriously, I had to make a second bowl just to snap this picture. But that’s the only complaint you’ll get from me.  This easy cucumber salad is full of summer flavor and only needs the simplest creamy dressing: mayonnaise, vinegar, salt […]

Easy Blueberry Scones with Buttermilk

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Light and flaky blueberry scones with buttermilk and all the rich flavor of a complicated recipe in only a few minutes? That’s the magic of our easy blueberry scones with buttermilk, which is included in my book “Kid Chef Junior Bakes“.  What’s special about our easy blueberry scones with buttermilk They […]

Strawberry Bliss Protein Balls

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Looking for a kid-friendly protein ball recipe without nuts? We’re hooked on these Strawberry Bliss Protein Balls without a single sprinkle of added sugar. This recipe is very versatile so you can add only coconut, only banana chips or combine both. Our how-to pictures below show the banana version. What you […]