Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Looking for healthy Halloween treats for kids? From whole-wheat croutons to deviled eggs topped with olive spiders, here are our simplest, spookiest ways to celebrate! Jack-0-Lantern Fruit Cups Nothing but fruit (and smiles) here!  Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cookies with Whole Oats All the best flavors of fall packed into one little healthy treat for breakfast.  […]

Creamy Dreamy Orange Cupcake Recipe

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe This orange cupcake recipe is so sweet and creamy, giving Hostess Orange Cupcakes a run for their money. Straight out of my book, “Cupcake Cookbook for Kids“, this cupcake recipe includes a 2-ingredient filling you’ll fall in love with.  Best of all, they’re simple enough to make with kids. Really! How […]

Cookbooks for Kids!

Kids who cook are kids who appreciate good food. Baking is the most delicious — and often simplest — place to begin. As a mom of four, I’m thrilled to share my cookbooks for kids. Each one is full of simple, crowd-pleasing recipes with easy cleanup: Kid Chef Junior Bakes Super Simple Baking for Kids […]

5 Easy Bread Recipes for Kids

It doesn’t get better than easy bread recipes for kids! Nothing is more satisfying than making your own bread, especially when you’re baking with little guys. You can check some more food items at bridge. Here you’ll find easy recipes for bread, pretzels, rolls and more. Every one of them has been tested again and […]