Toasted Bagel Bites

These toasted bagel bites are the simplest way to land a major hit at lunchtime. In three minutes flat, you can whip up one of our four kids’ favorite school lunches of all time. Plus, the mix-and-match options are endless. Use whole-wheat bagels, everything bagels or plain. Add peanut butter and jam, hummus, marinara sauce […]

Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups

You know those cute Halloween breakfast ideas you see on Pinterest? The ones that seem SO easy, then turn out to be as hard as convincing your three-year-old that it’ll be faster if you just buckle her carseat? This is not one of them. After testing out the idea, I have good news. These adorable […]

A healthy breakfast recipe for busy mornings: Make-ahead egg sandwiches with the works!

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe What’s the secret/only hope for a healthy breakfast recipe on busy school days? A make-ahead breakfast sandwich like this one and a healthy drink to go with it like ORANGINA. For our favorite new healthy breakfast recipe, starts with leftover roasted vegetables. This could be roasted cauliflower. Or oven roasted broccoli. […]