Easy Blackberry Crisp

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe We’re blackberry farmers now. If you count two blackberry bushes. And I think we do. So… Ours are brimming with fruit and every morning when I shoo the rascals outside, their first stop is our awesome new blackberry crop. A few cups of fresh (or frozen) fruit later and it’s off […]

8 Ways to Give Back as a Family

There’s something so magical about the holiday season that brings out the best in people. Our list of ways to give back is certainly not comprehensive but if you’re trying to teach kids about generosity this year, these eight ideas will get you started. Pack “Good Samaritan Bags”. Fill large zip-top bags and keep them in […]

How to make chocolate acorns

If you’ve got bigger kids, this is the sweetest Thanksgiving treat you can make together. Bonus, a collection of these would be gorgeous on top of a frosted cake.  What you need to make chocolate acorns Hershey’s Kisses Mini Vanilla Wafer cookies (or mini Nutter Butters) Mini Chocolate chips Chocolate chips, melted How to make […]