With four kids at home all day, every day, just ALLLL the time, I’ve come to depend on a handful of simple but fresh recipes that I’m basically cooking on repeat. These are the easy summer recipes kids love:

  1. Kale with Bacon & Cranberries: You KNOW kale is good for your kids but… This is the recipe that’ll make a believer out of all of you. 
  2. Easy Blueberry Cobbler: Use ANY fruit, fresh or frozen. Better yet, have the kids whip this one up!  
  3. Simple Summer Succotash: Start with a bag of frozen corn. Add all the fresh veggies you can get your hands on and don’t forget the secret ingredient.
  4. 10-Minute Buttery Chicken with Zucchini: If you haven’t added a knob of butter at the end of your chicken, you haven’t had the juiciest bird you’ll ever taste.
  5. 2-Ingredient Pesto Salmon: All you need is a hot grill — or oven — for a 15-minute dinner my whole crew loves.
  6. Simplified Red Velvet Cupcakes: Find out where red velvet cupcakes got their name plus get the easier-than-ever recipe that even kids can make, from my new cookbook “Cupcake Cookbook for Kids“. 

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