I’m so thrilled to say that my fourth book for kids is here: Cupcake Cookbook for Kids!

A deliciously easy cupcake cookbook kids will love

Cupcakes are some of the most magical, mouthwatering baked goods―but you don’t need fancy equipment or tons of experience to make these fun, frosted treats from scratch. 

Can kids really make cupcakes? 

Aimed at bakers from age 6 and up, this cupcake cookbook offers plenty of guidance on baking and decorating the perfect cupcake. Cupcake Cookbook for Kids gives budding bakers everything they need to become a master cupcake maker, packed with foolproof baking tips, handy decorating techniques, go-to frostings, and easy-to-follow cupcake and frosting recipes.

What kind of cupcake recipes are included? 

Try your hand at classic staples like Rich Chocolate Cupcakes before leveling up with more advanced fun-filled cupcakes such as Butterbeer Cupcakes with Butterscotch Frosting. Celebrate by wowing your friends with birthday-themed Melting Ice Cream Cones or getting in the holiday spirit with Going, Going, Gone Snowmen.

Inside Cupcake Cookbook for Kids :

  • Outside the box―This cupcake cookbook helps you ditch the premade mixes and learn the ropes of baking cupcakes entirely from scratch, including all the tools, tricks, terminology, and safety tips you’ll need.
  • Delight in every bite―You’ll find recipes for 40 yummy cupcakes in this cupcake cookbook, ranging from fun classics to more unique advanced cupcakes, with “Ask an Adult” tips if you need extra help.
  • Sprinkle of magic―Get to know your piping bag with 10 recipes for fluffy buttercream or smooth glazes, before topping them off with whimsical decorations.

With the Cupcake Cookbook for Kids, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with creative, delightfully decorated cupcakes made by you.


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