Ever wondered how to clean the stains from a Dutch Oven?

My Le Creuset Dutch Oven is one of my favorite (and oldest) pans. It’s an investment piece that I want to last forever. But over the years the bottom has gotten stained. There’s no food there. Just stains. 

I tried lots of methods to fix it. Some of them are even listed on the Le Creuset website. But none of those worked. Then I finally discovered the best way to clean stains from a Dutch Oven. 



Materials: What You Need to Clean Stains from a Dutch Oven

  • 4 cups water
  • 1/4 cup bleach*

That’s it! 

*Cooks Illustrated suggests using a ratio of up to 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. I didn’t need that much bleach to fix my pan but it’s an option for really baked on pans. 

Instructions: How to Clean Stains from a Dutch Oven

  1. Pour the water in the pan. Add bleach.
  2. Cover with the lid. 
  3. Allow to set for 4 hours. Peek to see the progress. Need more time? Allow to soak overnight.
  4. CAREFULLY pour out the bleach solution and clean with soap and fresh water. 

My Dutch Oven and Braising Pan are so important to me. I use them ALL the time for our family’s favorite meals. This method will help me get the stains out, then keep both looking great for years to come. For things like this:

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