From tiny treats and toys to special splurges, these are my favorite ideas for getting kids excited about food, all year round. 

Soups & Spells

This Harry Potter soup bowl (about the size of a regular mug) is so fun to serve all our kids’ favorites: broccoli, baked potato and creamy tomato soup. Yum! 

S’mores Chapstick

Lip smacking sweetness! $2.99 for a 3-pack

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle 

Leakproof, recyclable, BPA-free and 100 percent adorable. $13.95


Super Shark Apron

With pockets, an adjustable strap and that face? Look out, kitchen! $9.98 

Let’s Eat Science!

Dozens of fun, edible experiments, sprinkled with helpful photos, diagrams & scientific facts. $12.99

Topped Up Tea Cup

No unicorn fans at your house? Click through a dozen more designs of this adorable tea cup set that includes a lid and matching stirring spoon. $14.99

Sweet Honey Spoons

Loaded up and ready to dive right into a hot cup of tea. $14.99 for pack of 8


Make Mine Mini

These Melissa & Doug tools are the perfect size for tiny hands but made of such quality material that they actually work in the real kitchen! $8.95



Pretty Princess Baking Set

Includes everything you see here! Hat, apron and two adorable books. No wonder this set has more than 250 5-star reviews. $24.99 

Starter Sticks

Chopsticks that not only stay together in little hands, but teach kids how to use the real thing! $13.99 

Ice Cream Cone Lovey

Got a toddler? My kids adored these super soft little security blankets and this one comes with a built-in cone. $12.99

Slice & Dice Fun

These charming wooden toy pieces are non-toxic and Montessori inspired for hours of play. $26.99

Timing is Everything

Just a little mouse timer to keep things on track, one with thousands of great reviews. $11

Kid-Safe Knife Set

 Nylon knives are the best way to teach small kids (even toddlers) to cut safely. $8.95



Who likes being a recipe tester more than your dog? Great practice awaits. $7.99


Make It Again (and Again)

Toppings galore! This sweet little book includes 83 reusable stickers that kids can re-stick over and over. $2


Itsy Bitsy Bake Set

My tween is OBSESSED with the tiny baking shows online. Now she can try making her own… $19.99 

DIY Kitchen on Wheels

Your Lego master can build the ultimate food cart! This one’s a splurge for a stocking stuffer, but I couldn’t resist. $39.99

Cute Bakery Creations

 This super sweet kit comes with a cake tower, cupcake mold, tons of decorating tools and 8 Play-Doh colors. $19.99

Keeping Fingers Safe in the Kitchen

When kids are ready to start using real knives, these gloves add a layer of protection until they truly master those skills. $15.99

I {Heart} Animals Pancake Pan

My kids have started making pancakes every weekend and this pan helps keep the mess to a minimum. $31.95

Bubbly Projects for the Bath

Learn to make your own cupcake soap, foamy buttercream, macaroons and more yummy bubble experiments. $29.95

Cake Decorating Kit for Beginners

Got a Star Baker at home? This kit has more than 1,300 positive reviews. $27.99


One Bite at a Time 

Make meal times more fun (and less of a struggle) with this dino-inspired tray. $18

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Let’s just say this: 24,000 positive reviews. $19.25

Cute Cutters

These Montessori-inspired crinkle cutters work so well (and safely) for little helpers on everything from potatoes to apples. $5.75 for one

May the Butter Be With You

This reusable popcorn maker works in the microwave, over and over again! $25

Itty Bitty Breakfast

This is the Calico Critters breakfast set that all my kids gushed over and over and… $12

Stir in the Goodness

Trader Joe’s Hot Chocolate Spoons are a fixture for my MIL all year. Time to stock up! $16.95 for pack of 8


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