Need yummy recipes to use ripe bananas?

Buying bananas is always a struggle for me. Either my 9YO eats all of them in two days, or we have five or six stragglers on the counter, getting browner every time I glance their way.

That’s why I have all four of these options in my mind, and the pantry staples on hand.

4 Recipes to Use Ripe Bananas

Best Ever Banana Bread

This is not an exaggeration. I cannot explain how moist, flavorful and consistent this banana bread recipe is. The go-to for more people than I can count, and I’m sure the mystery ingredient has something to do with it.

Buttery Pan-Fried Fritters

These 3-ingredient strawberry fritters say welcome to the weekend. With fewer items to add than regular ol’ pancakes, they’re packed full of flavor–and practically all fruit so you don’t even need syrup.

Super Simple Green Smoothie

When you’re looking for recipes to use ripe bananas, this easy green smoothie might be the one. It’s the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had. Really. The mix of pineapple, coconut water and banana is JUST sweet enough to feel like a treat. And the spinach makes it good for you.

So satisfying that I make one of these easy green smoothie recipes for breakfast almost every day.

Try it and you too can feel like a winner a life at 7:30am.

You: 1, Bagels: 0

2-Ingredient Banana Oat Cookies

The only ingredients you need are ripe bananas (notice the brown spots, must-have for flavor and sweetness) and old-fashioned oats.

Then you can add whatever you want. Chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, anything! And no matter what, these cookies are delicious every single time.

Are bananas good for you?

Here’s what BBC says are the top 5 health benefits of bananas:

1. Supports gut health

2. May support heart health

3. May help in the management of heartburn

4. Are an energy booster

5. May support mood

I like bananas because they’re a natural sweetener for all of the recipes above! From banana bread to smoothies, these recipes to use ripe bananas are low in sugar (and several have none at all!) but still delicious.


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