Easter is coming up and we have plans to share the celebration with another family, plus both sets of grandparents. We’ll have an egg hunt, plus a couple of other games to keep the kids busy. But for the main event on Easter, we’re working on a kid-friendly menu for 14.

Menu 1: Low-Key Easter with Kids

This is for those of us who are exhausted but still want a nice meal. So pretty much me, all the time. Here’s what I’d serve:

Starter: Carrot & Broccoli Veggie Platter

All you need are a couple of ingredients, plus a little dip, and you can buy all of them pre-made. Get the recipe >>

Main dish: Honey Glazed Spiral Ham

You literally put it in the oven and do nothing else. Does making the glaze feel like a chore? Skip it! I always do because these Easter hams are already so sweet and juicy.

Side: Simple Sauteed Corn & Peppers with Feta

Start with a bag of frozen sweet corn and in about 10 minutes you’ll have a side your kids will ask for all summer long. Get the recipe >>

Side: Roasted Baby Carrots with Cinnamon

Open a bag of carrots, slather with oil and a sprinkle of salt plus cinnamon. Roast. END! Get the recipe >>

Side: Bagged Salad

My kids LOVE these salads. Their favorite includes cranberries and a poppy seed dressing. The best part, other than easily getting greens into your littles, is opening a few bags and having a freshly dressed salad in one minute flat.

Dessert: Giant Easter Egg Cookie

Save time by using store bought dough and frosting. Just bake one big cookie, then decorate. Get the recipe >>

Menu 2: A Fun & Fancy (Enough) Easter Meal with Kids

With four kids under the age of twelve, this is usually my style for holidays. I’ll splurge with time here and there but still appreciate shortcuts.

Starter: Bread Cup Crudite

Serve individual cups of crunchy veggies with dip! Get the recipe >>

Main Dish: Pesto Salmon

You need exactly two ingredients to make what feels like a decadent dish! Get the recipe >>

2-Ingredient Pesto Salmon

Side: 30-Minute Dinner Rolls

Growing up, rolls were always a sign that this dinner is a special occasion. Our easy-peasy recipe is something kids can help make. Get the recipe >>

Side: Kale Salad with Balsamic Dressing

You can make the dressing up to two weeks in advance, and the salad an hour or so before dinner. Kale is so hearty it won’t wilt, especially if you don’t toss it. (Just leave the dressing in the bottom of the bowl until you’re ready.) Get the recipe >>

Simple Balsamic Dressing for Kale Salad

Side: Easy Green Beans

This is honestly such an easy side dish that I make it for regular dinners all the time. Dress it up as you like, adding fried onions or slivered almonds at the end. Get the recipe >>

Dessert: Lamb cupcakes

The fun of these adorable little faces is, you can let the kids decorate them! Pro tip: Set out the materials on a cookie sheet for each kid, to catch stray marshmallows and the like. Get the recipe >>

No time to turn the kids loose with marshmallows? Make one cake for everyone to enjoy. Get the recipe >>

Menu 3: Going All Out for Easter

Starter: Baby Chick Hard Boiled Eggs

Boil eggs, add chia seed eyes and use carrots for the rest! These are so cute and fun. Get the recipe >>

Main: Bacon-wrapped pork roast

This is one of my favorite spring dinners. The bacon keeps your pork so moist and juicy, which helps littles eat (and enjoy)! Get the recipe >>

Side: Copycat Jamie Oliver’s Scalloped Potatoes

Thinly sliced potatoes soak up the rich flavors of cream and Parmesan for a lighter and more colorful version of a classic. Get the recipe >>

Side: Sauteed Succotash

Another side easy enough to make any night of the week, but still so pretty it’s company worthy too. Get the recipe >>

Side: Focaccia bread

Soak up all the amazing flavors with our family’s favorite bread. Drizzled in olive oil with lots of fresh rosemary, it’s an over-the-top add to any Easter menu. Get the recipe >>

Or get creative with focaccia art, using the same recipe but adding more decorative ingredients on top!

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Dessert: Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake

Use our favorite chocolate cake recipe to make layers, then carve. Cover in your favorite vanilla frosting and coat with coconut! Make the ears out of paper, and stick them on. Happy Easter!

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