That’s right. You deserve a great Mother’s Day gift, and who better to pick out just the thing you like than you? Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. That leaves plenty of time to order something wonderful, and these are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Mother’s Day Gift You Deserve

This mother’s day I’ve combed the world and found amazing treats that fall into three categories:

  1. Splurges that stand the test of time
  2. Activities you deserve to make time for
  3. Subscriptions you’ll love

Splurges that stand the test of time

DIY Iced Coffee & Tea Maker

Make your own iced coffee! at home! Fill the inside sleeve with coffee or tea before you go to bed and wake up to a deep, rich drink for a fraction of what it costs to head out to Starbucks. Bonus, this carafe keeps coffee and tea fresh for up to two weeks. Pop it in the fridge and enjoy. $39 at Amazon

Digital Frame for Your Kitchen Counter

What better way to actually enjoy all (pauses to glance at photo app) 1,859 photos some of us carry around on our phones. This displays loads of photos and video clips, displayed in a slideshow. Here’s a fun twist: Get one for your mom, sister or friend and you can all send photos to each other’s frames — no mater where you are in the world! $162 at Amazon

Thick and Rich Hand Cream for Cooks

If your hands get fed up with all the washing up that happens in the kitchen like mine do, lather up with this stuff. Packed with natural ingredients, your skin will stay soft. Bonus: no-waste packaging! A mother’s day gift to you, and the planet. $26 at Amazon

The Counter Top Composting Machine of My Dreams

I’ve loved composting for a long time, but boy does it make a mess in the kitchen. And it takes a long time for food to break down once you get it outside. Vitamix created a counter top composter and I’ve never looked back. I turn it on when I go to bed and wake up to a tidy handful of compost ready to fertilize my garden. $339 at Amazon

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Matching Jammies with Your Littles

Ready Set Romper is the loungewear we deserve. Founded by a mother of 2 who was searching for a better alternative to babies’ rompers and onesies with snaps & zippers, we introduce silky rompers for babies with pull down panels. But mamas get one, too! These bamboo rompers are soft on the skin, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and natural UV-protectant. Okay, you can take this show outside! Baby rompers are $33 at Ready Set Romper. 

The Gardening Gear You’ve Always Wanted

I spend a lot of time in the garden three seasons of the year but always seem to cheap out on materials that would make it easier — and more fun. Not this year. On my list:

  • Gardening Knee Pad
  • Popup Container for Weeds
  • Epic Wheelbarrow Cart
  • Bluetooth Sprinkler Timer

Your Sparkling New Wine Substitute

Unwind without alcohol and pour yourself a refreshing mocktail from Recess. The sampler pack includes strawberry rose, raspberry lemon, grapefruit tangerine and lime citrus, each one infused with natural magnesium to help your mind relax. Sounds like the perfect mother’s day gift to me. $42 at Recess

Yes, Healthy Cake! Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake

Splurge on a taste of Greece and discovery a heavenly baked good that actually has health benefits. The New York Times and more than 70 five-star reviews can’t be wrong. $36 at Kosterina

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Tote

This gorgeous bag is on its second life, because last time around it was a pile of water bottles bound for the ocean. Rothy’s makes bags (and shoes!) in many shapes, sizes and colors and every one of them is easy to wash so it lasts and lasts. Bags start at $99 at Rothy’s

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Say Goodbye to Soda Hydrating Water Cubes

If you’re trying to ditch the soda habit, these tiny sugar-free fruit-flavored cubes transform plain water into a delicious drink with vitamins and real fruit extracts. This set comes with six flavors, complete with a beautiful glass bottle.

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Activities You’ll Love

Your Own Baby Chicks

Yes, you can have chickens! Unless your HOA prevents it, even most cities allow backyard chickens. Not only are chicks incredibly cute, but grown up hens eat ticks and fleas from your yard and of course, give you an endless supply of eggs with yolks in shades of orange you’ve never seen. Get started here!

Zumba or Dancercize

Before Covid, I found an excellent little gym nearby. It didn’t have a pool or any fancy extras but the classes were excellent. I’m a former child dancer and it felt SO GOOD to get back in a room lined with mirrors in the front. Plus, exercise! Treat yourself to a cushy new pair of shoes like these, highly recommended by trainers. $39 at Amazon

Horse riding lessons.

Fancy some exercise outside with a gentle giant? Get yourself a helmet (visit a shop in person so it fits correctly) and some boots. This is the starter pair I still use. When we become touring champions, we can invest in something more expensive. $35 at Amazon

On that note, ANY lessons you’ve ever wanted to take. Now is the time! Yoga. Climbing. Croissant baking. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, that’s the mother’s day gift for you.

Subscriptions to Enjoy All Year

For my birthday each year, I’ve gifted myself a new subscription for a streaming service. I don’t keep all of them, but really enjoy at least a series or two before canceling. The same idea stands for a mother’s day gift.

  • Masterpiece Theater. For when you get tired of only watching the first season of an incredible historical drama on Prime and NEED to see the rest.
  • Max (HBO Max is changing its name.) You know about “Succession”, but what about “The Other Two” or “Hacks”? Both are comedies so hilarious and charming that I’ve watched every episode twice.
  • Apple+. Just once, I’d like to watch Ted Lasso and find out why everyone loves it so much.
  • Audible. One of the best books I’ve listened to is called “What Happened to You?” and it’s a conversation between Oprah and Dr. Bruce Perry. How I’ve missed her soothing voice! This is such insightful material. You won’t regret listening and learning.

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