Here comes a new series just in time for birthday season and it’s called…easy cupcake ideas! To start off, we’ve got little lambs.

The fun of easy cupcake ideas is that they’re adorable AND doable, even when kids want to help. You can count on every idea here being one that you can easily source materials for and actually pull off. 

How to make little lamb cupcakes

what you need: 

  • cupcakes (My favorite recipe is our one-bowl chocolate cake, which makes 24 cupcakes.)
  • mini marshmallows
  • vanilla frosting
  • pink sparkle sprinkles
  • a jelly bean (or something similar: I cut the leg off a gummy bear!)
  • black writing frosting
  • a steely determination to not take the project too seriously

what you do:

  1. Frost cupcake.
  2. Make a ring around the edges with marshmallows. 
  3. Cut one marshmallow diagonally with kitchen scissors: dip the cut side in pink sparkly sprinkles. Those are the ears. 
  4. Make a second row of lamb wool, like bangs. 
  5. Draw the face. This is the hardest part. 
  6. Add jelly bean/maimed gummy bear nose.  

That’s it, now you’ve got little lamb cupcakes. You can have a delicious Rave Coffee cup while you taste this dessert.

So cute, so easy, so fun for kids.

If you liked these little lamb cupcakes, there are more simple cupcake projects coming up. In the meantime, get more easy ideas for Easter and spring! 

p.s. Guess what? You can make the whole thing bigger…



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Happy 4th birthday George! (Related: I’m totally making this for #easter every year from here on out.) #foodlets

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