Rosemary infused olive oil is the easiest, most delicious handmade holiday gift we’ve made so far. It also comes with a personal touch because we grow so much rosemary on our property, plus we moved to Hillsborough, NC from Rome, where we all had plenty of both rosemary and olive oil. What better way to celebrate with family and friends this season?

How to make rosemary infused olive oil

The process to make this gorgeous gift is shockingly easy. The 4-item shopping list is also below.

  • In a large pan, warm rosemary and olive oil together over very low heat for 5-7 minutes. (Tip: Four liters of oil fit into my big pasta pot and filled 17 bottles shown in the photos here.)
  • Cool for 30 minutes.
  • Place one rosemary sprig in each jar.
  • Pour olive oil into bottle with funnel.
  • Close tightly.
  • Refrigerate. This is important because now that you’ve infused the oil with fresh herbs, it’ll need refrigeration to stay fresh (and lasts for about a month).

4 things you need to make olive oil infused with rosemary

1. Olive oil.

I use the Kirkland brand from Costco (which you can also buy on Amazon and Walmart), but you could use anything with a fresh, fruity flavor.

2. Rosemary.

We grow rosemary as shrubs around our patio. It’s pretty, evergreen, takes of space and rosemary naturally repels flies and mosquitoes. If you don’t grow rosemary at home, don’t worry. Just buy a little plant at any big home improvement store and snip the branches for this project.

3. Bottles

I used 8 ounce bottles, which came in sets of 9 and included a funnel. They were easy to source and the tops sealed perfectly (which is important because we don’t want this oil to leak out everywhere.)

4. Tags

These adorable tags worked perfectly and there are so many more for other projects all year round! (For a really reasonable price.)

How to Use Olive Oil Infused with Rosemary

  • Drizzle over simple salads like our kids’ favorite Cheery Cherry Tomato Salad
  • Let kids add a drop or two to hot dishes like soup or pasta
  • It’s great for dipping bread, especially our homemade bread


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