Balsamic Bruschetta Kids Love

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe This is the easiest way to make balsamic bruschetta kids love. Pronounced bru-ske-ta, our whole family enjoys this summer side dish. We started with basic tomato bruschetta, and let the littles dollop those juicy tomatoes on top of toast in our DIY version. Now we’ve added a new, sweeter, twist for […]

Vegetarian Dinner Ideas for Kids

Tons of kids (and adults) are eating less meat these days, which makes my family’s favorite vegetarian dinner ideas for kids a list I keep on hand for my own kitchen! Rich and flavorful, hearty and satisfying, all of our vegetarian dinner ideas for kids are simple to make with flavors children love. Everything’s easy. […]

One-Pot Taco Mac & Cheese

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Our newest version of macaroni and cheese adds the flavor of tacos and does it all in one pan. That’s one-pot taco mac and cheese! You won’t believe the secret ingredient that turns regular mac and cheese into this taco-flavored favorite…salsa. What you need to make taco mac & cheese pasta […]

Easy Banana Bread

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe This easy banana bread recipe is a simplified version of classic banana bread. We have an excellent recipe for honey-sweetened banana muffins with coconut oil and a zucchini-banana bread blend my whole family loves. But this delicious loaf gives those a run for their money. To make banana bread easier There’s […]

How to Make a Gingerbread Tree

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe   Tired of your gingerbread houses falling apart? Enter, the Gingerbread Tree.  Easier to make than a house, but still just as fun, we’ll show you how to bake and construct a Gingerbread Tree.  Busy parents of littles can’t be trying to construct a house that only wants to crash, no […]

Double Chocolate Reindeer Cookies

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe We’ve made reindeer cookies with snickerdoodles but these double chocolate cookies are my family’s favorite.  The recipe is simple and easily doubled.  Easy Christmas cookies for kids don’t get any sweeter!  What You Need to Make Reindeer Cookies Mini pretzels Candy eyes Red M&Ms (the holiday bags with only red and […]