Healthy Pineapple Crisp Kids Love

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe You know I love serving healthy versions of decadent dishes for breakfast: like strawberry cobbler, peach crisp and now this healthy pineapple crisp! What makes this pineapple crisp healthy? We use whole oats instead of plain white flour. Only a scant half cup of sugar for the whole pan. Fresh pineapple […]

Easy Mashed Potatoes

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe These easy mashed potatoes are the creamiest, most delicious version of a childhood favorite–except they’re simpler and a little more nutritious than what I grew up with. We gave mashed potatoes the Foodlets treatment. What you need to make easy mashed potatoes Yellow/gold potatoes Salt & pepper Plain Greek yogurt Optional: […]

Rainbow in the Clouds Cupcakes

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe If you love rainbows, you’ll love these Rainbow in the Clouds Cupcakes with colorful stripes inside and out! That’s why I included it in my book, Cupcake Cookbook for Kids. Start with our vanilla cupcake batter below and add vanilla frosting (We have an EXCELLENT vanilla frosting recipe in the cupcake […]